Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All about BOB

Bob with Samosir Island in the background
With not a lot of time available to us and wanting a little more comfort than the Sumatran public transport service can provide we were unsure of our choices. We were also on a pretty tight budget, so our options appeared quite limited.
We were given the recommendation of driver and guide, Bob Sumatra.

Bob keeps the car locked and safe!

We got in contact with Bob and he put together a package according to our interests. The price was very reasonable and within our budget. Due to changes in fuel costs and accommodation etc, I won't list the actual price, suffice to say there was no need to haggle.

In the driver's seat

Bob was waiting at the Medan airport for our arrival, even though our flight had been delayed by 1 1/2 hours. We were most impressed with
a) Bob's driving ability, which is the number 1 most important quality to look for in Sumatra!! and
b) Bob's knowledge of the places we visited.

A wealth of knowledge at Ambarita

Bob's vehicle is a Suzuki APV. Extremely spacious in the rear passenger seats with plenty of room behind for luggage. It is a very comfortable car in which to travel

With his eyes on the road ahead

We were with Bob for 13 days travelling Medan/Lake Toba/Berastagi/Bukit Lawang/Tangkahan/Medan. 
Oh what a feeling - Sumatra

Smiling and happy

Tour guide hat on again at the King's palace, Medan

Clean cut Bob

Shiny locks

Taking us across the river

Serious Bob

Bob broadens our cuisine horizons

Bob, still happy

Bob and the elephants


By the end of our time together we had become firm friends.


Airport farewells - 4am!!

Bob has worked hard to set up his business on his own. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. He is honest, reliable and a really nice guy to boot.

Bob and his trusty car

Check out Bob's website:


  1. We Really Enjoid our tripe with bob! A very nice Smilling Bob is always good! Us to we can have bob! (:

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